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Business to Consumers Session: X (or Y, or Boomers, or…) Marks the Spot: A Generational View of Guest Service
In today’s ever-changing guest environment – we can no longer give one-sizefits- all service to our guests. We must take a one-size-fits-one approach. Find out how one of America’s favorite restaurant chains has been actively engaged in getting feedback from the guest and understanding the guest’s needs on a Generation by Generation basis. In this session we will talk about:
• Understanding the differences between Generations
• Communicating with different generations
• Collecting and analyzing guest service data
• Customizing our service to meet the generational needs

John W. Isbell, CHT, Director, Operations Services and Training, International House of Pancakes and President, Council of Hotel and Restaurant Trainers (CHART)

Examining How Boys, Girls and Moms View Leadership

• Understanding the new rejuvenated program released by Girl Scouts this year
• Setting up the research
• Analyzing results: how do girls, boys, and moms view leadership and becoming a leader

Michael Conn, Ph.D., Vice President, Research, Girl Scout Research Institute, Girl Scouts of the USA

Top Management’s Role in Conducting Face to Face Customer Forums for Customer Experience Process Improvements
With 24.1 million customers, Comcast is committed to meet with as many of them as possible through the “Listening Tour.” Show your customers you are serious about improving the customer experience and gain insight on how Comcast works to improve the customer experience:
• Listening to customer feedback from a national and local perspective
• Viewing feedback as an opportunity to enhance products and services
• Refining the information in order to prioritize customer needs
• Posting summaries of each “listening Tour” stop on its web site
Tina Waters, Senior Vice President Customer Service Operations, Comcast

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